5153c0b0e9e2324c5921bf2bc1e32715EACH OF US NEEDS A PLACE WHERE WE CAN ALWAYS BE COMFORTABLE.WHEN WE NEED CALM,WHEN WE WANT TO READ A BOOK AND REMEMBER MEMORIES WITH PICTURES ,WE TAKE REFUGE SOMEWHERE.53242b95cb35ff4ab524b4f5992353fe8cb27568f19283c632b7945b2f89d8ce94fe866c1b3bbe30c4b1eea9995c5cbbf47d26b3e508264c541260107561efc9THINK OF THIS AS A PRIVATE PLACE WITH YOUR FAVORITE PERSON.TALKING,SMILING ,DRINKING COFFEE.I DO NOT THINK ANYONE CAN FIND GENUINE LOVE BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE .NEVER LOSE IT IF YOU DID NOT FIND IT.edd6d73106f9114f784e18631568b51c409b86018cd8b2e0664922c4e9b15d8775830a88d87d51d8bf96692bff294c1fb555ff8d31f6f584d649749a8d68cb55IN OUR PRIVATE MOMENTS THIS PLACE WHERE WE NEED IT,WE CAN DECORATE IT WITH OUR OWN WORK  BOTH SIMPLE ,FREE AND ROMANTIC.3 TOGETHER.FOR THIS PURPOSE ,WE CAN USE SOFT ,PATTERNED BALUSTERS AND MATTRESSES,CURTAINS MADE OF WOOD AND ROSEWOOD RODS.5895f65d710da9224195d071ab97ae9310b209d12d761bcf5d9a973144b25cbe95fd0f4f9379ffe85fec6f6905e3d328caf931e5d385ba90beb35adfeeb7003b275d25769a090e3b70b67e5c9ae23fca7c53758a53c19d476b99329c800dea4cfe3b009bc6e3ad04c324c151cfa7be7611d932468526875f04bba7e04854c7310cc7aaa4c55a89c498675bde5775173be592e0af4cdc35b1114cc551334aee5cPLENTY OF COLORFUL PATTERNED BEADS,WE CAN PUT CANDLES IN DIFFERENT SIZES AND DESIGNS.AND MOST IMPORTANTLY ,WE CAN DECORATE WITH LIGHT BULBS.AND OUR PRIVATE PLACE IS READY.958cd3c0c4312abbff3c76733e6a6fa64e991bf457e01d89a649e82c43a765e6ac33e32a9793aa2f7ee0396a57f457301acd476aab0e7d55e0dc515745bad52d267977a8a194592be9bbaefae1189d56237cddd003ec733c2d47d8c72eb36da9a261b3595f2def65af3655d0bc21958308f9e29797d51d3ef349101f467bb3c58f73f9708004f99538e1761ff365d57d74a8d523827392437bc9525a4125b4d45e273660080e4e31582a5e95b7e8d363bb5e20b389c1c26873c9496fc2b1140e331c0a458bb1e4f0f628fbcb03d8c793a289db24ca989b02482725b76061e335I THINK EVERYBODY SHOULD DO WHATEVER HAPPENS TO HIM.GREAT HAPPINESS WITH LITTLE THINGS.WE CAN DESIGN THIS PLACE AND SURPRISE ANY ONE WE LOVE.BECAUSE WE DESERVE THE HAPPINESS.8aff31779bf23e237396835faea3f2ea19b8adb6d86feac08e00713aeafd853e



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