D─░FFERENT C─░T─░ES HAVE D─░FFERENT STREET ARCH─░TECTURES.THESE STREETS A BEAUT─░FUL AND AMAZ─░NG.EACH COUNTRY HAS ─░TS OWN CITY STREETS.649868d3470fecc015088b64456e622641f47202bcdc29e8b5b1e5e3a974803978dcd43a56fb2c396a6f95de5fec3c65c092e3f7693c753689f048a8a61780efb50f1708be9de0f90803d48239377f098313d96c84e94d7f053fc5c3cfaddd4eIN FACT,THESE STREETS ARE FULL OF MEMORIES.THESE MEMORIES CAN BE┬á NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE.THE STONES WE PUT ON OUR FEET ,THE WALLS WE LOOK AT,THE STREETS WE QUIETLY WALK.23c89cc8e5598336e5606c3e5f322b02b6dd27e8912eb073e77a16d6d1ce34495c6808de0d9f45110063b18995275c0322388e005b785a1eb50e99f78d3de4408d2e062e13ea4c95887a36ecb3d171cd08ea34e15d860f3a94faa4302cc84461a3ff15291eb9deee7498df22544b0e642fc79785cbcf082756f8ad21c0d28f26SOMETIMES LISTEN TO LISTENING TO 1 MUSIC ,GO TO THE BEACH.OR ONE STREET FULL OF FLOWERS IN THE MORNING.TO GET A GOOD START ,TAKE 1POT AND PUT IT IN A WINDOW .63d6ef7cc517317e0d3a88bdce8614407a56127aae79d671e5ec3ab5e24a9aa35222c85b390a9bbf1454bf9799c94125968246aab6661df3efef3eeadbdd2812OR LOVERS┬á WALK ON THE STREET IN HAND.SUDDENLY ,1BOY KNEELING ON THE STREET OFFERS A GIRL TO MARRY.ANOTHER 1PAIR IS DISPERSED AND THEN RECONCILED.5fc6f5dce7284f7f67f6ad0c5997e4293ed56a8eaf3029b3c53e458c9b9b38f6efe94e5e939c5a4ebadbf984e254d85ad0cdf4d53eb68e3ae580a5b461d080807b6693c832c989e1dda130b413def3ba38d1b4b9839c2d132731298bdd663dfd8125148e0799d6d25b6e9fc812ff02e2THESE STREETS CAN SEE BOTH JOY AND GRIEF.OTHERS TAKE PICTURES IN A STREET THEY LOVE,SHE SMILES.AHHH…THE STREETS OF THIS CITY….




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