French fashion is the first fashion in the world.This is the basis of simplicity and naturalness of fasion.French women always been delicate costumes.They use to gloves and hats for to complement their closes.66711cdc558950f2d09c1276e52fad5bd80aaf0494a59c1ed6f718983d2b51236baeeed377829e00f498f097e66ceeaa7045853e634222acc0a5571947a1463a9fc89f28036c081accb6aa16ba8a8d80.jpgdd67bace0f00d91c39ae42da0c37b2399396725bf2cf1bbe736b735e7b6fcd0da1725ac39a2fb1cf7da940debdb0b7e6They were given coffe, black,white beighe colour.Striped closhings has made by French…71dc4674ac78338ab76ca477f38b0b010a4c5f9efea8c16600b8dcc0605c44513f9b165c3242456fe8a3407a7194809dcd81eb34f8be9cdd37fda413a71d0f11French women love to create their own style ,unlike other women in europe .the country where the original make-up is released worldwide.

French women love simple and sheer makeup that suits their faces.c739439ce003b3bbf7f2577678e80383.jpgthere is no style in them to follow the trend.Because they love their own,not their repetition .This is what makes me a private person for a woman while

the accessories are elegant and smaller in size.They attach importance to sports and love clean face .Scattered hair models .

We see this simplicity and beauty in their home design.Flower patterns ,beige and blue tones.

The french perfumes make the world admire.Pure&deliciously.

The most elegant and beautiful style bridal we see in french fashion.




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