THE FIRST WHITE WEDDING IN THE WORLD WAS WORN BY QUEEN VICTORIA ON FEBRUARY 10, 1840.SHE IS MARRIED TO THE PRINCE ALBERT.SHE WORE A WHITE AND ATTRACTIVE WEDDING A THIS WEDDING CEREMONY.AND FROM THAT DAY CAME WHITE BRIDAL DRESS.2cb1ca0ae8b34f5a5ce079498ae5570dce7ad922bfd1d5e509a052fcf3e50363bc59a106c27565d8434a6d7f3e50cfa4 LATER THE BRIDE WAS USED IN BLUE. THIS  COLOR IS A SYMBOL OF LOYALTY,DEVOTION AND HEALTH.e5debb412aba45622a235a6c48cf14086bbfd0d5764597d3cdc1fd570f9952e7d042c607bd6364ac1590c671f71b3fe747c9c525de34648ba00d2cf4b1982c4f8b67ee56f93df65d4f76b33d1344dfe8a693e2af2983ee0b955d5f82778dc7256c8fe62d2ef890f7c60466d80affb33cTHIS COLORS IS USED IN CHINA,TAIWAN ,PAKISTAN.THEY BELIEVE THAT THE RED COLOR HAS BROUGHT LUCK .THE BRIDAL CLOTHES WOULD HAVE A LONG HANDLE.NOW IT IS CHOSEN ACCORDING TO FASHION.2999c7670ca599f50e9481054f992104117c3e6067726a7f04534b05d71b9d4bc6a92ce62335acba9fe9d2f99fae56173267baeda1d4f556ad2b942d6f672c53a513c072b5d5b2f8a96924c725849573485905def360cfc19c6824fa1f3ee40040a9151300a9f8a12343e38f56a7d5793356d44542c58a7bf2d3bd6c5cce10e718f91fc714e0d63f6ee2f663cd7e4c9c0fe4ed752da4bb1bfda6159239c3610d


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