a2e9b6608f8004d024004542c0d72642.jpgsometimes there are moments when our soul is very tired our soul does not fit into our bodies and our brains  we do not feel ourselves necessary enough  we want to escape from everyone.    we are very sensitive. and we can hurt people who are worthwhile at that moment.    we want to give up everything.  but at that moment people should stop and think.  727ae0b4e4e71f338e7b83ea8d48577c.jpgwhat am ı doing? why do ı spend these moments given to me?  ıs there anything to do?     do not we have any hope? I think have it. a9246b71b37f34bb2290d2589d4b9b33.jpg at least if you want it.  ıf you really want to find that hope.  and hoping that point, the future may be the sun to us. 5f450d4bf22052b15593895b90198674.jpg366c32e4d432e893e3ff286def4b0a19.jpgbegin with the change yourself first.change your brain first.everything emerges and ends in our brains.give yourself a chance.get to yourself and those who love you.take care of yourself and your life.that’s what life wants from us.strong and not to leave it.0b20d0fe6ef09a5c2631b7f089772963.jpg  and smile.this is what you need.make a dream in your brain.what he wanted to do in a year.think about it.choose not to be lost.choose win.d0884bfef47e312e9f1a2b691b537154.jpg



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