1. Okay, I have to ask…do you think anyone has the courage to tell a designer how terrible some of his designs are? Or, are they all “yes” people? Some of the clothes would be perfect in Star Wars or maybe Alice in Wonderland. Women in skirts so tight they can’t take a full step…well easier to catch them that way, I guess. Some so tight that the fabric rode up, with every step. Anything that restricts movement, or leaves you half naked and, or, unable to see if you turn your head…anything that stops you from being able to get into a CAR, seems like a really bad idea. Or, skirts so short…LOLOLOL they look ridiculous, especially with the matching cape, UNLESS the person is in a circus. And the music…felt as if I was in Europe during the dark ages…but some of the clothes seemed right for that period. As I said…do you think ANYONE told the designer to try again? I want to see clothes for MEN designed this way. To make them look foolish. I want to seem them half naked and their pants legs sewed together so they can’t walk. I want them to be unable to get into a car or function in any way. I want men to wear six inch heels without socks.
    I want them to NEVER wear coats in winter. Yeah, like THAT will ever happen.


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