Having runway shows cancelled, shops and factories closed and everyone talking about the economic crisis after the pandemic might not help, but it can give us the push to think outside the box, get creative and find better solutions for our industry. A change was needed and long due but having the investors interest at heart was not helping to change the deeply rooted systems fashion works on. Maybe now, we get to have factories in proximity, maybe now we get to produce only what is required. Maybe now we get to appreciate what is important.

Coronavirus might be a great opportunity. Not only to get closer to our family members, our neighbours, our colleagues… but also to people we don’t know like those garment workers in Asia, the refugee families tired of being rejected, to the Earth we tend to forget because we are so busy running around.

This is giving us the time to slow down, reflect and connect back again to what we really are. And it is showing us in all our weakness and strength, in all our fear and empathy, that we are connected, intertwined as the threads in a loom.

Let’s hope we put that re discovered connection to good use and make the World a better place for once.

Be Safe, and Stay at Home!

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