Christian Dior famously known as ‘Dior’ started as a premium brand designing haute-couture for women in 1946. They later expanded into ‘Baby Dior’ for children and ‘Dior Homme’ for men. Dior was one of the very first brands to present their full-fledged collection at their residence which was also their flagship store on 30 Avenue Montaigne Paris. He presented his collections named ‘Corolle’ and ‘Huit’ with 90 different looks which were soon called ‘New Looks’ by Harper’s Bazaar. In 1947 Dior got into manufacturing perfumes with their first one named after his sister ‘Miss Dior.’

Christian Dior soon hit the American markets and expanded their brand into other segments like makeup, perfumes, accessories, and of course remained top contenders in the ready-to-wear and haute-couture segments with an estimated brand value of $43 billion


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