Guccio Gucci first started “Gucci” in the 19th century. It is considered to be the most successful Italian brands in the world right now. Guccio, who worked in Paris as an immigrant hotel worker, was fascinated with the premium handbags, leather handbags customers would bring and envisioned a business model based on the idea. He then went back to Florence, his hometown and started Gucci during the Second World War-2. His sons joined him later and helped him expand business in Milan, Rome, etc.

Gucci’s symbol got them a lot of attention, and Hollywood stars flying out of Italy started posing with these bags. That’s how they penetrated into the US markets slowly. Gucci then opened their first store in New York in 1956 and eventually in the other big cities in the United States. Dawn Mello took over the company in 1989 after the company went through turbulent times with passing of Gucci Mello. He got Tom Ford onboard as the creative director to up their apparel and accessories game. Gucci went on to sign a lot of partnership and contractual deals with other big Italian and Americans brands. According to Forbes, Gucci is the 38th most valued brand in the world with a brand value of$12.4 billion and sales close to $5 billion, and this speaks for itself.

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