Miuccia Prada born in 1949, a Ph.D student in political science and a former member and activist in the Italy’s communist party is the current owner of Prada. She was the most unassuming heir of Mario Prada’s elite brand “Prada” that he started in the year 1913. Muccio took over Prada in the year 1978 when her male cousin who according to her grandfather was expected to take over had no interest in fashion or design. Mario Prada never believed in women, in general, taking up higher positions or never considered that either of his other female grandchildren was capable of doing it.

Prada was initially into making handbags, travel bags and suitcases for the Italian elite. However, when Miuccia Prada took over, she launched men and women’s ready-to-wear luxury clothing. Prada gained popularity even before this collection took off when she introduced luxury nylon handbags and backpacks without the big choking logos taking over the design element which was the scene with premium brands back then. And, that’s really why this label has always been perceived differently by their loyal customers. Patricio Bertelli, her then boyfriend and now husband helped Prada in taking it into different directions and finally opening her first flagship store in 1986. Prada eventually went public in Hong Kong and slowly opened stores world over. The company’s net worth is an estimated $2.4 billion dollars and continues to be one of the most sought-after luxury clothing brands across the world.

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