Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

From serving the Army to becoming a salesman and now part of the ‘World’s Richest Men List,’ Ralph Lauren had a lot of firsts associated with his name. Soon after quitting his job in the army, Ralph Lauren joined the Brooks Brothers as a salesman and became the best of their lot This evoked an interest in him who then went on to make ties for men. He convinced the management to let him open his own line. Bloomingdale’s approved his first venture of making exclusive men’s collection and is the first time they let their space for a designer’s boutique.

Ralph Lauren then launched his corporation in 1971 with a Polo emblem and launched collar T-Shirts with the logo near the chest which till date are a rage. Lauren opened other labels like Ralph Lauren Black, Ralph Lauren Polo, etc. They are into perfumes, accessories, men, and women luxury plus ready-to-wear segments. Ralph Lauren is also a hot favorite in the red carpet and his famous costumes for the cast of the movie ‘The Great Gatsby.’ The corporation’s net value is estimated at a whopping $5 billion as we speak.


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