Burberry closes US warehouse

Burberry closes US warehouse

Image courtesy: Instagram @burberry

Out of fear of spreading coronavirus, Burberry’s only warehouse in New Jersey has closed after three employees there tested positive for COVID-19. The news was reported by Bloomberg.

Burberry has sent a memo to employees saying the facilities will be closed indefinitely. Burberry’s New Jersey warehouse has a total of 300 employees, and due to their robust workforce they had trouble putting social distancing measures in place.

The company had attempted to stagger shifts so no more than 50 people would be at work at one time, but it didn’t prove to be enough. Burberry also says they did provide hand sanitizer, masks, and wipes to employees. The company plans to continue paying workers full wages during the shutdown period. Burberry is currently paying all of their employees across the globe, even those who aren’t working due to many countries and states still being on lockdown.

Burberry is still continuing to fulfill orders in the U.S., but they will likely be coming from warehouses in other regions, so orders might take longer. New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are considering a slow phase of reopening businesses, with plans to start with construction and manufacturing first. As for where warehouses could fit in, that seems too early to be determined, but they will likely be in the first or second phase of reopening businesses.

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