How many

I’ve asked myself for many times
what for I was born, was brought up and became adult
what for clouds are passing by and what for it rains
Don’t expect smth for yourself in this world

I would fly away to the clouds, but I don’t have wings
That shine of the stars is attracting me
but it is very hard to get the star even when the goal is so close
I don’t know if I have strength to thow

I’ll wait a bit
And then I’ll start to prepare to the trip
After the hope and the dream
Don’t burn out my star, wait

How many roads should I go by
How many tops should I climb to find myself
How many cliffs I should fall down from
How many times to start from the beginning, is there any sense in that?


  1. A beautiful write! Soul searching is a questionable journey in the spirit and in the flesh. Some of us keep changing, others keep dying. Between life and death, the struggle and turmoil has to be a test,🤔💕☕️☕️

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      1. Nice! I found it so beautiful and life in any culture or language is that just struggle. I feel that at the end of each life, our true self will emerge in spirit as the body shield like a shell or cocoon, dissipates.

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      1. No I do not like it either. I am hoping for a resolve. Good will win even with struggle. I have been doing a lot of study on political spiritual Russia. There is an answer for us all in this pandemic and for sure it is a test for the human spirit.


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